Submersible Pressure Transmitter TS02

for gauge Pressure Measurement


  • Piezo-resistive measuring cell
  • Parts in contact with the medium are of stainless steel
  • Compact design
  • Measurement cell with atmospheric excess pressure compensation by means of a capillary in the connection cable
  • High accuracy
  • Calibration in all physical units (mWs, bar, psi, torr, mmHG)


System Data
Measuring Element Silicon with stainless steel
Measurement Range 0.25 bar to 10 bar
Electrical Connection Capillary cable
TC zero offset 0.2...0.6% FS/10K, depending on the pressure range
Pressure hysteresis and repeatability 0.1% FS
Linearity deviation 0.5% FS
Outputs 4-20 mA (2-wire technology), 0/4-20 mA (3-wire technology), 0-10 V
Environmental Requirements
Media temperature -10...+85°C for liquid media
Storage temperature -25...+125°C
Protection Class IP68
Application range Water level / depth measurement in wells, drill holes, stagnant water, tanks